SP v.s. Nyodok

~this article should’ve been posted last semester, but my idea didn’t complete enough at that time to write about this, so I just post it now! Happy Reading! 🙂

Well, after more than one year, I finally express my mind again with this kind of writing (Hortatory/Analytical Exposition ~ if I’m not mistaken :P). Yeaaah, here I’ll provide 2 different sides that you might think better. Both of them are some of common terms in college.

Yes, ‘SP’ (Semester Pendek / Short Semester) is a period that gives you a chance to take some courses to spend your holiday between even semester and odd semester in college. You might get many advantages of taking this. First, you can keep you brain works along the holiday because some experiences showed that if we don’t study 4 a quite long period, our brain ability will decrease “like an unsharpened knive” :P. Second, you’ll be more focused on the courses you take and your “weight” will be lighter then because in long semester, there are more and more courses to concern. Third, this is also a good chance 4 u, who want to graduate faster. But, there are some consequences of taking ‘SP’. If you’re a kind of person who really wants full holiday, you’ll lose a part of your “real holiday” :D. Then, the fee is quite expensive. Just imagine, about Rp250.000 for 1 SKS. For example : I take a course with 3 SKS, so I pay Rp750.000. Usually 2 sessions a week for 2 months, yeaah it will be about > 40.000 for each session, quite a money, huh? 😦

What about ‘Nyodok’? ‘Nyodok’ is a chance for the students who wants to take more SKS than usual in a semester. The same with ‘SP’, this is also a chance 4 the person who wants to graduate faster. It could probably train us to organize our time better. Well, maybe it’s quite like an acceleration of study. One of the advantages you can take here is you don’t have to spend any money to do this , because it’s free :D. But, the consequencies are you must prepare and be ready with term ‘tugas numpuk, ujian numpuk ’ :P. Let see, when your other friends are relaxing from tasks, you may in the time when you’re having that term, and you must accept it sincerely, because that’s the risk :P.

Okay, the choice is up to you. ‘SP’ or ‘Nyodok’? They’re both good, now it just depends on your need and ability. 🙂

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