My January 2011 was not as beautiful as the previous one

Hey, what month is it now? Yeaah I know, this is April. Well, I should’ve posted this few months ago, but the assignments, homeworks, and etc (What a time-consuming activities!) forced me to pay attention more on those. In this post, I just wanna share about my January 2011 that was not as beautiful as my January 2010 here. But I believe something, that Allah has planned them all for me with Its way. There must be a wisdom behind those things.

Damaged Laptop

First of all, about my laptop, it’s sick and it had to spend some days for some “treatments” in Mangga Dua. Well, I missed it a lot. I can’t do almost all my usual activities without it. Last year in holidays, I watched movies for refreshing, did some jobs, posted blog, and of course had some entertainment with music because I was very proud that my laptop had a very great speaker :P. And now what? It was very frustrating when you can’t do what you have or want to do. Well, finally in early February, precisely 2 days before the first day in my 6th semester, my father bought me a new pinky laptop, Asus X42JE. My parents can’t stand if I suffer like that, especially if it related to my academic things. I love them so much because they understand me so well :). Nevertheless, I won’t forget my memories with my old laptop. My brother ever said, “Walaupun udah rusak gitu, laptop itu kan udah berjasa atas nilai-nilai A nya Ade di SIAK-NG”, hahahaaa… xD

Worst GPA

In my 3rd term of semester last year, I got my best GPA ever :P. I can’t believe it. Alhamdulillah, I got it at least once during college. After my academic tutor gives this great news, I cried in the arms of mother because at that time I was at home. What an unforgettable moment! 🙂 While in my 5th term semester, I got my worst GPA ever, this was because of 1 subject, Prolog. I failed the 40% final test just because I was sick the night before and I had to prepare the poster presentation for Scientific Writing :(. Well, actually it’s not just because of that. I realized that I learned a lot less, yeaah I was lazy to study by myself or review that subject (no such assignments like that subject is KILLING ME) so I got the consequence in the final test. Well, don’t look for the black sheep to blame because we’ve had too many mistakes. Oh God and parents, please forgive me. 😥 I must study harder in the next semester, or LAZINESS will kill me softly! I wish it’s not just a promise, slap me if I break it. I also realized that I often THINK LOCALLY, for example I often compare my score only with my close friends around. Once I accidentally knew that there were many people out there (out form this circle) who felt that cum laude is difficult to achieve, moreover for they who found it hard to pass the course. The moral of the story is you have to THINK GLOBALLY. 🙂

Missed JAJUL

The two consecutive events, JAJUL (Jalan-Jalan ULTRA) to Taman Safari and JAJAKA (Jalan-Jalan Akhir Kepengurusan BEM) to Bandung, forced me to choose one of them to participate. It’s such a spendthrift if I join both. I sometimes feel jealous of rich people because they don’t have to think much about finance (Hey devil, just get out of my head!) -.-. Because I just went to Taman Safari in late 2008, so I chose (with my mother preference) the other one, which is Bandung. I don’t know why, the trip to Bandung seem not according to my expectations. Felt so lonely, maybe because only a few of them that I know well. In addition, my head bureau came late so accidentally I had to replace his position discussing about the work programs over the last year *sigh*. Unfortunately, this JAJAKA didn’t have many tours to some historical places or tourist attraction, not like the previous JAJAKA to Jogja. But I appreciated the committees’ hard work (PSDM division) :). Nevertheless, that was the first time I went to ITB (Institute where I want to enter a few years ago – STEI :P). There’s also motivation training. The consequence of this was I missed the moment with my beloved ULTRA :’(. Moreover after I hear the contents of the event were very delightful such as Sabcer3 xD. Well, I wish there will be another opportunity to gather again and have some fun with all of ULTRA :).

Rejected PKM Proposals

Ahahaa “rejected” -> lebay :lol:. Last year, the announcement stated that our proposal (SITRUM) was accepted and funded by DIKTI. But now, I (with team) sent 2 proposals, PKM-P and PKM-K, but they’re all FAIL xD. Well, honestly I hate FAILING something. Moreover, knowing most all my friends’ around were accepted. That made me feel like a LOSER >,<. But, finally in the end I can accept it sincerely. I can’t imagine how I would manage my time with 19 credits (but killing courses). Maybe God showed me another way to PIMNAS through PKM-GT. Well, I don’t know whether this is gonna succeed or not, but I’ve tried my best, although I felt that I was exploited by my team because they’re all MWA and Mapres, which were busier than me :lol:.

Well, I have to keep struggling in life with my new motto: Intansurulloha Yansurkum. \(^.^)/

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